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My Photo was Shared by National Geographic Expeditions!

I’m not big into instagram, but I am big into travel and photography.  I happened to open up the instagram app today and saw that I had some new followers….

So, it turns out that National Geographic Expeditions shared out one of my photos from the Antarctica trip earlier this year on their instagram feed.  Pretty flattering and hopefully the first of many to come.


Penguins in Antarctica

How to Open RAF Files with Lightroom’s Desktop edition (Fuji X-Pro2)

I’ve been a Nikon shooter for as long as I can remember, but recently picked up a Fuji X-Pro2 to use as a “walking around” camera, as well as for trips where I don’t want to carry as much weight.

Since I tend to travel to places where wifi is limited and don’t want to rely on their CC product, I’ve always used the desktop edition of Lightroom.  When I first tried to import my .RAF files into Lightroom, I kept getting “preview not available” every time and it appears that many people are having the same issue.

Here’s what finally resolved the issue:

  • First, update your Lightroom install to 6.0.  Adobe tries to hide the links to the desktop program, but you can get to it here on this software page about halfway down.  If you are upgrading your older version, you still want to click on where it says “buy” and then just change the option to Upgrade instead of Full
  • Now you can finally import those RAF files!

If you are having problems with other file types, you can check this page to see what the minimum needed versions are for your camera.




I’ve just returned from Morocco – more pictures forthcoming – where I saw the most amazing stars, including a pristine view of the Milky Way.

In order to continue to fund these adventures, I’m currently focused on SEO for my new site.

Trying to marry my two worlds… so here’s a quick article about how to pack light and layer in order to save money on those pesky baggage fees (and spend more money on travel!).

Here’s one shot of the Milky Way for now. Many more shots to follow!


See it larger on Space Weather Gallery

Nat Geo YourShot

One of my goals this year is to further my photography, and part of that is putting myself out there a bit more.

I found National Geographic’s Your Shot and built a profile. They allow you to publish 15 photos per week, so I’ll be giving this a shot. Take a look, and mark a lot as favorites so that I have a chance of being picked to be featured on their social media accounts. Here’s a link to my profile:

International Adventures

I’ve left many of the really old posts up on this site as a way to reflect back on my personal progress, as well as to bring some head-shaking to anyone who bothers to flip back to the original posts from 2010.

While I’m spending considerable time this year building a business, the spirit of that business is to enable me to continue to explore and photograph the world.

Upon flipping back to some of my earliest posts, I was proud of myself for having visited 8 countries. I think that my current count is now about 25 countries, 6 continents (I may be the only person to go to Antarctica before Australia, but that’s a different topic), and a bunch of islands (which I really wish counted as countries).

Posts going forward will cover domestic and international adventures, many of which I’m blessed to be taking with National Geographic. I’m currently near Santa Barbara, but off to Ireland and Morocco in about a week. Time to do a bit of shopping at REI, Prana and others to get ready. I’m still torn on whether to pick up a new Nikon d5, but sticking with my D610 and 300s bodies for now.

Photos from Nicaragua – Managua, Granada, Leon

Mom is from Nicargua, and I loved seeing where she grew up.  The people were kind and happy, despite many of them living in poverty.  These photos have a bit more of a photojournalistic flavor to them, but that’s what the trip was all about…