A Bit More Press – Digital Nomad and Otherwise

Was working in a Jackson Hole cafe earlier this week when an email came through from a writer that I had connected with a while back.  She picked up a quote about my (very fun) trip to Morocco.

You can read the full story on Insight Guides.

While unrelated to my adventures, I was also grateful to be picked up in some other pieces in Entrepreneur magazine, Businessing and Creative Click Media.


I’ve just returned from Morocco – more pictures forthcoming – where I saw the most amazing stars, including a pristine view of the Milky Way.

In order to continue to fund these adventures, I’m currently focused on SEO for my new site.

Trying to marry my two worlds… so here’s a quick article about how to pack light and layer in order to save money on those pesky baggage fees (and spend more money on travel!).

Here’s one shot of the Milky Way for now. Many more shots to follow!


See it larger on Space Weather Gallery

The Scholarship!

Those of you who know me personally know that I love to volunteer whenever possible. Whether it’s with habitat for humanity or salvation army, it’s something that’s been a part of my life for the past 20 years or so. What I don’t talk about as much is my belief in education, in particular as a means to alleviate poverty. While I was far from the best student during my younger years, I’ve come to appreciate it and am excited to have set up my first scholarship, which I hope is just one of many to come. Here’s a link – https://www.officialcouponcode.com/scholarship – please share with your friends, kids, family, etc. so that we have a great pool of applicants. I’ve just submitted it to Cappex and some other directories, but it may take them a while to get it listed, so it’s best to share the actual link for now.

Nat Geo YourShot

One of my goals this year is to further my photography, and part of that is putting myself out there a bit more.

I found National Geographic’s Your Shot and built a profile. They allow you to publish 15 photos per week, so I’ll be giving this a shot. Take a look, and mark a lot as favorites so that I have a chance of being picked to be featured on their social media accounts. Here’s a link to my profile: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/1024598/

International Adventures

I’ve left many of the really old posts up on this site as a way to reflect back on my personal progress, as well as to bring some head-shaking to anyone who bothers to flip back to the original posts from 2010.

While I’m spending considerable time this year building a business, the spirit of that business is to enable me to continue to explore and photograph the world.

Upon flipping back to some of my earliest posts, I was proud of myself for having visited 8 countries. I think that my current count is now about 25 countries, 6 continents (I may be the only person to go to Antarctica before Australia, but that’s a different topic), and a bunch of islands (which I really wish counted as countries).

Posts going forward will cover domestic and international adventures, many of which I’m blessed to be taking with National Geographic. I’m currently near Santa Barbara, but off to Ireland and Morocco in about a week. Time to do a bit of shopping at REI, Prana and others to get ready. I’m still torn on whether to pick up a new Nikon d5, but sticking with my D610 and 300s bodies for now.