Viglink Review: Make Money from Your Blog

While I’ve been using Skimlinks for several years on my coupon website, I recently created a couple of content sites that are generating quite a bit of traffic.  One is about crafts and the other is about flowers, and I wanted a way to monetize those sites without coding individual affiliate links (who has time for that?!).  So I decided that it was time to give Viglink a shot, and here’s my review after using it for one week.


Overall, I think that Viglink is great so far and wish that I had installed it earlier. They offer various products for publishers including Insert, Connect and Shopping.


Viglink Convert

This product basically converts existing URLs into monetized links, but you can also use it to change links that are going to sites like Amazon or Walmart to the site with the highest earner.  I haven’t tried that yet, so can’t speak to it, but the un-monetized links portion seems to be working well so far.


Viglink Insert

This is the next product they offer. With this one, their technology looks for words that can be turned into links to products for sale and you can get paid a cost per click (CPC) when someone clicks through.  There’s the option to control how many links you show, and for now I’m being fairly liberal.


Viglink Shopping

This solution takes existing shopping oriented links that are pointing to a shopping site that doesn’t offer a commission and sends it to one that does.


Viglink Insert is Driving the Most Money For Us So Far

So far, Insert is the product that is driving the most revenue, by far – it’s responsible for 98% of my revenue, but keep in mind that some of my sites do already have affiliate links coded into them. If you’re thinking of testing Viglink out but want to start slowly, I’d suggest starting with Insert.  What I really like is that I’m able to earn money from clicks instead of just sales, like you typically do with most affiliate programs and Skimlinks.


Other Viglink Products

Viglink also offers a couple of other products that I haven’t tried out yet. One is called Anywhere – this allows you to monetize links you put in social media and email.  It isn’t quite as automated as the other services, which just require a plugin or simple javascript code, but worth trying if you post frequently.  The other is the ability to just seek out merchants / retailers directly and build your own custom links.  This is easier than logging into each individual affiliate network to do the same thing.



Installation for Viglink is really easy, as mentioned above. I prefer to just implement the javascript code directly, but they have easy implementation plugins or instructions for wordpress, blogger, tumblr, google tag manager and more.


Sign Up

If you’re ready to give it a shot, signup for Viglink using our link. We’ll earn a commission, just like you’d expect, but it won’t cost you anything.