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Yes.  Eric Clapton’s Blackie.  The one that sold for close to $1,000,000.  I got to hold two pieces of history today – this guitar, and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Lenny, worth about $650K.

And while it was cool for me, it was infinitely more fun watching someone else light up.  That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

My newest toy… Gretsch G5120

I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember and going to see bands has been my favorite pastime.  I loved going to see local bands like Fluf, Lucy’s Fur Coat, and others in San Diego back in the late 90s, or checking out mid-sized venues with musicians like Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley or Bob Mould in Austin, or big arena shows just about anywhere…

But one thing I’ve never done, although I’ve attempted three times (2x guitar, 1x drums), is learn to play an instrument.  I found myself with a bit of an itch again and pulled the trigger on a gorgeous guitar – a Gretsch G5120.  It’s a hollowbody, so it can be played similarly to an acoustic, but has a great twangy, bluesy, or jazzy sound if I want to hook it up to the fender amp I picked up.

So… stay tuned.  We’ll see if I eventually learn to play, or if I just end up with a really cool accessory in my spare room.

Here’s the new guitar…

Picture of Gretsch hollowbody guitar

Josh Groban – Before We Begin tour – San Diego. Nov 7, 2010

I’ve seen Groban a few times in San Diego and Vegas, but this show was probably my favorite due to the casual and intimate nature.   He played a small theater – capacity around 1400 – in preparation for his tour that kicks off after the new year.  Very simple setup, with no percussion – just a piano, guitar and one other musician, plus a couple of couches on stage and his dog.  He played a couple of songs off of his upcoming album, and also a few older songs that he said he hadn’t played on stage for about six years.

He has quite the sense of humor and was especially amused by the recent twitter outburst and retweeting of the comment… “Do you think when Josh Groban is recording music he thinks “OK, but will people be able to professionally figure skate to this?”

Unfortunately, they didn’t want flash photography and I tried to be respectful. Most photos turned out blurry, but here are a couple that were mediocre.

Josh Groban - San Diego - Before We Begin

Josh Groban - San Diego - Before We Begin

Josh Groban - San Diego - Before We Begin

Rascal Flatts & Chris Young San Diego 10/2/10

Great show yesterday, from fantastic seats purchased just a day before the show.  Second time seeing Rascal Flatts, first time seeing Chris Young.

324 artists

I’m up to 324 different artists and 2400+ songs on my ipod now, and am still far from having copied all of my old CDs or LPs over (yes, LPs – I still have some vinyl, though it hasn’t gotten any use in a long time).  From the Clash to Rascal Flatts and the Pet Shop Boys to Josh Groban, you’ll find a bit of everything in my collection though recently I’ve been favoring some of the newer country artists like Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.  I’m a big fan of Genius playlists for use in the car and will give Apple’s Ping a shot…

Bob Mould / Husker Du / Sugar

Roaring home this evening (I was deprived of speed for a few days, relegated to a chevy rental car), I chose to listen to a few things that I hadn’t heard in a while.

I started out with The Clash and then moved on to one of my favorite musicians/guitarists, Bob Mould.

I discovered Husker Du (meaning – do you remember) in high school, courtesy of my brother’s record collection. I still have a box of vinyl in the garage and am fairly certain that I could find some Husker Du in there amidst a sea of 7″ records from the local bands that I loved when I was about 16-23 yrs old.

I had the pleasure of seeing Bob play in Austin many years ago, and it was everything I hoped it would be. In a mid-sized club, I wrestled my way to the front in order to admire his guitar playing up close.

These are some of my favorite songs and select lyrics, in no particular order (I’m missing a bunch)…

– See A Little Light

– Sunspots

– Compositions for the Young and Old. Favorite Lyric: “I hear the weatherman. He says it looks like rain for a while. I guess I’ll have to stay inside. Make peanut butter sandwiches and cry”

– These Important Years. Favorite Lyric: “if you don’t stop to smell the roses now they might end up on you”

– Could You be the One? Favorite Lyric: “life is a game that only you can make”

– Friend, You’ve got to Fall

– Turn it Around

– Believe What You’re Saying

Review of Symphonicities – Sting Album

I went to the Symphonicities concert this summer and it was magical. I’ve seen Sting twice before that, as well, and he’s incredible.

Hearing this live was great, but as an album, it’s just plain boring.  Elevator music. There are a couple of solid songs on the album, but I’m upset that I pre-ordered it.  Pick a couple of good tracks and just buy those instead.