Atrani and the Amalfi Coast

Photo of the Amalfi Coast

A few years ago, I visited the Amalfi Coast while I was in Italy for a few weeks. After getting a note from someone about his drive up the 101 in California, I remembered the wild bus ride from Sorrento to Amalfi. It was exhilarating, terrifying and beautiful at the same time. I snapped photos frantically while leaning out the bus windows once we reached the coast.

I also reminisced about my walk to Atrani, and the most amazing pastry I’ve ever eaten. After a quest to enjoy some gelato, I encountered a small cafe. The 80+ year old shop owner started speaking to me in Italian, and kissing his finger tips to motion how delicious some of the pastries were. He explained that his wife made them, so of course there was no way that I would walk out without buying one. I purchased a banana and chocolate filled pastry, and still firmly believe that it is the most delicious pastry I’ve ever eaten. I promptly purchased a few more and packed them into my camera backpack, and carted them around for several days, enjoying one each day. I’m ready to book another trip out there!