9 Solo Road-Trip Travel Tips for Females

Whether you’re an expert or it’s your first time taking a road trip by yourself, here are some tips to keep you safe and having fun!

Solo Road-Trip Travel Tips for Females

1) Drive during daylight hours when there are more cars passing by in case of emergency

2) Carry some pepper spray and put it in an easily accessible place. I keep one large can, similar to bear spray, in the side of the door and a small one that can fit in my pocket for walks around less desirable areas

3) Find a good hiding spot in your trunk.  I keep my camera bag in a hidden compartment, so if someone does get into my car they’re likely to just see my clothes and snacks.  I also keep a backpack with my “can’t lose” items including my laptop and wallet in the front passenger area and take that with me whenever I stop anywhere.

4) Don’t be afraid to change plans.  I was supposed to head to another state one morning, but knew that I was too tired to drive so I stayed in the same hotel one extra night. It’s not worth the stress and risk of driving when tired.

5) Pick up a 24 pack of water bottles and snacks.  The water is there primarily for safety in case of emergency, but it’s nice to be able to grab one and have a drink if you need it.  It’s much easier than getting into a gallon bottle if you’re thirsty!  Peanut butter is a great thing to pack in case of emergency since it’s full of protein and tasty, you could go quite a long time with a single jar.  But I usually carry a mix of salty & sweet snacks in the car for munching on while I drive.

6) Let your friends know where you are. Provide someone with an initial itinerary and  consider giving them access to “find my iphone” or another GPS program on your phone.

7) Get gas every time you hit a half of a tank.  Depending on where you are driving, you might go through very long stretches without seeing a gas station.  It’s not worth the stress, and it also gives you a chance to stretch your legs every couple of hours.

8) Find some music to dance by.  It’s ok to dance a bit in your car and it will keep you awake. Even if you love mellow music, driving for 6 hours through vast open land is not the place for it. My newest find was Classic by MKTO – I dare you not to dance!

9) Carry a rubber doorstop. It’s a cheap and easy way to add another layer of protection to the hotel door without sticking a chair in front of it.  Just put it about 6 inches inside the door and it will provide another barrier to entry.

Have some tips to share?  Let us know.

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