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The First of the International Press Rolls In

While I’ve only been targeting PR efforts in the USA, I was excited to see my first piece of international PR come in – from Huffington Post Australia!

When you’re starting up, every bit of press is key and I’m thrilled that they chose to feature my SEO related blurb – a recommendation of Ahrefs.

Here’s a link to the article which highlights 5 essential SEO tools.



The World is Small… Murphy’s Long Lost Sister

It was 82 degrees in San Diego today, so I took Murphy to a beach in Del Mar.  I had just discovered it about two weeks ago, thanks to a friend, and Murphy’s first time there was yesterday.

After about an hour at the beach, a girl walked by with a small labrador and asked if her dog could play with mine.  We made a comment that they looked a bit alike, both small and with fairly distinct eye coloring.

We got to talking, and figured out that our dogs were siblings, born in the same litter.  The magic bullet that confirmed the connection was that her dog was also named after a baseball player (Sandy Koufax; Murphy’s given name was Tommy Lasorda) — there were 9 puppies.  What are the odds??!  So, Murphy now knows his sister, and I’m guessing there will be play dates in the future.   Be friendly to people – you never know what you’ll discover.

Here’s Murphy at the beach after about two hours of non-stop frisbee playing:

Flat Stanley arrives in San Diego

Anyone who knows me even remotely well, knows that I love the kids in my life more than just about anything. I’m lucky to have two nieces and two other godchildren.

In today’s world where just about every piece of mail you get is electronic, it’s fun to get anything that’s not a bill or solicitation in the mailbox…Enter Flat Stanley.

He was sent by my youngest niece’s first grade class in Virginia, so I’ve got to think about what he’ll do with me over the coming weeks before I send him back on his merry way.

Picture of Flat Stanley

Halloween 2010 – El Paso, TX

Among my stupid human tricks, is the ability to carve intricate pumpkins and teach others how to do so.

It’s really not all that difficult, and is much more of an exercise in patience than anything else.  I have more patience than most people I know…

Here’s Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story (my friend Paul did Buzz – his first pumpkin carving, ever! and I tackled Woody).  In the past, I’ve carved Snoopy and Woodstock, Spongebob and others – it’s all about the kids on Halloween, so I tend to stick to those that would delight them the most.

buzz lightyear and woody pumpkin carvings

Habitat for Humanity – Carlsbad project

I spent the better part of the day working at the Habitat for Humanity site in Carlsbad, CA.  I worked painting sub-fascia, hauling windows and doors throughout five units that are being constructed.  We met one of the future residents who worked side by side with all of us as part of her sweat equity.

For those not familiar with habitat, each future homeowner must contribute a minimum of 500 hours of sweat equity – it’s their contribution, along with a down payment and monthly mortgage payments.  It’s not a giveaway/handout program, but it is driven by a significant amount of volunteer work, and I was happy to help out.  Writing checks is important, but so is putting in a little sweat of your own.

Here’s a photo of the side of the multi-family residence where I worked today…

Self Realization Fellowship – Encinitas, CA

Nestled above Swamii’s in Encinitas, there’s a place that looks a bit scary from the outside to those who aren’t in the know.

The Self Realization Fellowship actually houses amazing meditation gardens full of lush greens, koi ponds and one of the most impressive views in San Diego county.   It’s a place I discovered many, many years ago, where I often go to think and detach.  One day I will take my “real” camera, but for now, here are some iphone photos of the coast.

Photo of Self Realization Fellowship - View of Swamii's Beach

Photo of Self Realization Fellowship - View of Swamii's Beach